Welcome to Ms. Frodsham's Writing 11/12 Anthology

The art of communicating is truly an essential skill. Regardless of what niche you may find yourself in, it is important that we recognize how, as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners, we communicate. But what’s most important is our quest to improve on these fundamental skills. Therefore, this course affords students the opportunity to actively and consistently develop, practice, and ultimately polish the skills they possess as readers, writers, speakers, and listeners. The nature of this course is to challenge and to push you to stretch beyond what you already know and can do.

Writing 12 is designed for those who enjoy writing, as well as discussing their own work and that of others. Students’ will explore the fundamentals of writing of varying genres. In classroom discussion and small workshops, students will examine their own work and that of others in an attempt to understand what makes a piece of writing come alive, trying always to apply what has been learned to improve their own writing. By the end of the course you'll improve your creative writing skills and have the confidence to pursue your own writing projects.